Welcome to my personal page.

My personal data:

Name: Richard Lagendijk
Date of Birth: 19-02-1968
Country: the Netherlands

My Curriculum Vitae: PDF format

My favorites:

Computer: C64, Silver Label Edition.
Computer game: Avenger (1982, C64 version)
Car: Porsche 935, (1975)
Music: Madonna (Album: Ray of Light)
SID (remix): Parsec by Ravetracer
Movie: Blues Brothers (1980)
TV-series: South Park
Food: Peanut butter
Radio: Radio Veronica 192
Web page: pfz.nl (Dutch)

My configuration:


Asus AV7266E
AMD Athlon XP1600
Asus V7700Ti Geforce
Kingston 2 x 512 MB


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - Lucid Lynx

Programs used:

KDevelop 4.0.0
Umbrello 2.4.2
GIMP 2.6.8 (NL)
gFTP 2.0.19
MySQL Administrator 1.2.12
Open Office 3.2.0 (NL)
Chromium 14
Firefox 3.6.23
Richard Lagendijk