Algemene Computerclub Hoorn
Date: 10 - June - 2023

City: Zwaag
Country: The Netherlands

The Algemene Computerclub Hoorn is a computer club for modern computers, but also for retro computers such as the Amiga, Commodore, Atari, MSX and many others.
Pacific Commodore Expo NW
Date: 24 - June - 2023 until: 25 - June - 2023

City: Seattle, WA
Country: USA

The PaCommEx is a Commodore meeting is is supported by the Fresno Commodore User Group, the Puget Sound Commodore User Group (of Tacoma), the Seattle Retro-Computing Society and the Commodore 64 Enthusiasts of Greater Victoria.
Pågadata 2023
Date: 30 - June - 2023 until: 02 - July - 2023

City: Kvidinge
Country: Sweden

Pågadata is a demo party in Sweden. The compos are: C64 / Amiga demo, music, pixels and wild.
Date: 01 - July - 2023 until: 02 - July - 2023

City: Salzburg
Country: Austria

LEVEL UP is a gaming and eSports festival that brings the gamer community together in the real world. The event is in Salzburg, Austria with modern games and a Retro Area with: APC&TCP - Home of Amiga Future, Digital Talk, DragonBox Shop, Dr. Wuro Industries, RETURN Magazin, Kautzner Computer Museum and Vintage Computing Carinthia.
Kickstart 01
Date: 01 - July - 2023 until: 02 - July - 2023

City: Nottingham
Country: United Kingdom

Kickstart is a new and exciting event bringing back a national Amiga event to the UK. It combines a user group event and a trade show, featuring exhibitors, traders, Amiga user groups and guest speakers.
BEE #4
Date: 21 - July - 2023 until: 23 - July - 2023

City: Neuhaus
Country: Germany

The BEE (Best Event Ever) C64 party is an outdoor event. Besides bringing your C64 you also have to bring your own tent! Activities: Grilling, bonfire, SID-Tunes and a Demo-Show.
Function 2023
Date: 08 - September - 2023 until: 10 - September - 2023

City: Budapest
Country: Hungary

Function is a Hungarian demoscene party, a 3-day computer-related event where creators and fans of underground digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences, thoughts, and socialize. The competitions are: Pixels, Photo, Music, Game, Wild, Animation, 256 B, 4 kB, 64 kB, Oldschool and Demo.
Passione Amiga Day 2023
Date: 17 - September - 2023

City: Spoleto
Country: Italy

Passione Amiga day is the meeting day for Amiga users in Italy organized by Passione Amiga magazine for Amiga enthusiasts with commercial exhibitors, conferences with Italian and international guests and a flea market.
Date: 06 - October - 2023 until: 07 - October - 2023

City: Mönchengladbach
Country: Germany

The Amiga38 meeting not only a Amiga-party but also a demonstration of new developments for the Amiga computer.
Amiwest 2023
Date: 13 - October - 2023 until: 15 - October - 2023

City: Sacramento
Country: USA

Amiwest is a meeting for Amiga users in Sacramento, California, USA. There will be presentations, new hardware / software, a raffle, gaming competition and much more.
Amiga Tool Jam
Date: 31 - October - 2023

Location: online

The Amiga Tool Jam is a software development challenge, which will run for 6 months, where the goal is to create new and interesting tools for the Amiga computer. The categories are: Tool, Utility, Commodity, Most Useless Tool and Other.
Date: 25 - November - 2023

Location: online

Transmission64 is an online demoparty exclusive for the Commodore C64 computer. The competitions are: Demo, 4k, PETSCII, graphic, music, fader and basic oneliner.