BASIC 10Liners - 2024
Date: 16 - March - 2024

Location: online

BASIC 10Liners is a competition for making a game in BASIC with only 10 lines of code. The rules are: The computer system must be 8-bit, the BASIC is line orientated and there is no machine code allowed. There are three categories: 80, 120 or 256 characters per line.
Date: 10 - May - 2024 until: 12 - May - 2024

City: Someren
Country: The Netherlands

The X-2024 will be held in the city of Someren in the Netherlands. This year there will be a demo, graphics, PETSCII and a music competition.
Moonshine Dragons 2024
Date: 24 - May - 2024 until: 26 - May - 2024

City: Opole
Country: Poland

Moonshine Dragons is a demo party in Poland. The competitions are: Music, pixels, 4k intro, demo and wild.
Kickstart 02
Date: 29 - June - 2024 until: 30 - June - 2024

City: Nottingham
Country: United Kingdom

Kickstart is an exciting event bringing back a national Amiga event to the UK. It combines a user group event and a trade show, featuring exhibitors, traders, Amiga user groups and guest speakers.
ZOO 2024
Date: 01 - November - 2024 until: 03 - November - 2024

City: Orivesi
Country: Finland

ZOO 2024 is a Commodore C64 party in Orivesi, Finland.Compos: Demo, Music, Graphics, PETSCII, Basic Effect, Disk cover, Party Feature, Wild, Zoo Kids, Game Making and Gaming.