TEDzakker - Plus/4
TEDzakker is a new music-editor for the Commodore C16 and the Plus/4 made by Hermit. The features are: Two channels (108Hz - 55kHz), channel synchronisation, 16 sub tunes, 100 patterns, 58 instruments, 6 player-types, HerMIDI MIDI-interface support, multispeed, note-column effects, funk tempo, sub tune-jump and much more.
RJ Mical - interview
Ravi Abbott had an interview with RJ Mical. RJ Mical worked for Sony (Playstation), Atari (Lynx) and Commodore where he was involved in the development of the Amiga (Intuition). Ravi and Robert talk about Amiga, Lynx vs Atari and his role as Director of Gaming at Google.
Boulderdash - Firefox
Are you tired of playing the original Boulderdash game again and again? There are lots of people who create their own Boulderdash versions. Firefox released his newest Boulderdash game called "000 White Dash".
Gorky 17 - Amiga
Hyperion Entertainment released the game Gorky 17 for AmigaOS. This project was done by Frank Menzel and Thomas Claus from Entwickler-X. The game supports the English, German, Spanish and French language. The minimum requirements are: Amiga - 500MHz CPU, 256MB, Graphics card, 700MB disk space and AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition.
C64Studio v4.4
C64 Studio is a assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. Recent changes: Direct calculation to Calculator, Mem-Dump in idle queue, Open last session, Setting colours, keybinding, fonts to defaults per button and the Tool Windows visibility is now saved.
CannonBall - AmigaOS 4
Cannonball is a game for the Amiga. The game is an enhanced version of Yu Suzuki's arcade racer, OutRun. In this version the graphics are much faster (compositing feature is used for scaled graphics) and the Sam440 can run lowres () 60 FPS, but scan lines are not supported.
Sprint 1 - C64
Sprint 1 is a new game for the Commodore C64 made by Norbert Kehrer. The game is based on the Atari arcade version that was released in 1978. The program on the original arcade machine was written for a 6502 microprocessor and is now converted to the C64. The game can be played with the joystick.
Amiga - assembly programming
Tuomas Järvensivu and Harri Salokorpi have written a blog about how to program in assembly. They show how to make a simple animation and talk about the development environment, assembler, debugging, application start-up, main loop, application exit and running the program on real hardware.
Komoda & Amiga Plus #002
Komoda & Amiga Plus is an pdf magazine for the Commodore user. In this edition: Ultima, Lord British, MagerValp, Dungeon Crawl, SEUCK Compo 2015, Zombi Terror, Baron Ashler, Castle Wolfenstein, Sleepwalker, Snatch McBlagger, Quo Vadis, Wizard of Wor, Farewell Ramos, Events, Fresh News 8, Talking Heads : Remastering of old releases, Tutorial: Copying Floppy Disks to IDE64, Industry’s second maturity 65, TOD Generator 66 and Johnny presents.
Caren and the Tangled Tentacles v1.1 - C64
Caren and the Tangled Tentacles is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is a point & click adventure game and is the winner of the Forum64 Game Competition 2015. The game is made by enthusie (code), Jammer (music), Veto (graphics) and Krill (loader).
Vasm 1.7d
Vasm is a assembler to create linkable objects in various formats. The following CPUs are supported: M680x0, ColdFire, 80x86, PowerPC, ARM, Jaguar RISC, Z80, C16x/ST10, 6502 and the 6800. Visit the web page to read about the changes in this version.
VChar64 v0.0.7
Ricardo Quesada developed a character editor for the Commodore 64. The features are: Import, export, rotate, invert, clear, shift to left, right, up and down. New in this version: Colour menu, Palettes: Pepto, VICE, CCS64, Frodo and Grayscale, Copy, Paste and Block selection.
The SCSI2SD Hard Drive Emulator is developed by Michael McMaster and is an system that makes it possible to use modern SD cards on a retro computer system. Features: Includes an active SCSI terminator. Emulates up to 4 SCSI devices. Firmware and configuration over USB, selectable SCSI ID and parity support and more.
Commodore Monitor Information
Gona updated his web page with technical information about Commodore monitors. This web page has information about: manufacturers, connectors, resolutions, introduction year and application. Recent updates: Commodore 1428 (Cornet-14") and the FCC ID numbers now are links to the FCC ID Application Database.
ACE v1.11 - MorphOS
ACE is an Amstrad CPC emulator developed by Philippe Rimauro. The emulator is written in the language C and its GUI is based on MUI 4. The changes in this version are: Improvements for the border emulation, tape configuration menu, snapshot loader and breakpoints.
Scene World Podcast #13
Scene World Podcast is a podcast about the Commodore scene. In this episode AJ and Joerg talk to Commodore Business Machines CEO Massimo Canigiani and General Manager Paolo Besser on the new Commodore Smartphone. Other items: 3D Realms, Cinemaware, A Video Game Con, Richie Knuckles and Extra Life.
C64 intros
The web page c64Intros has updated its intro database and added 100 new intros. The new groups are: Acid (UK), Acid Crew, ACT 501, Asics, Browbeat+Motion, Brainstorm, The Crack Machines [TCM], Demo, Fame (US), Hoaxers, Markiz, Power Cracking Group [PCG], Plutonium, Psygon, Red-Baron, Saphire, Scorpios, Sierra, Spitfire 2000, Squadron, The Action Crew [TAC], The Fantastic Five [TFF], Tracer, United Crackers, Zeen 666 and Zynapz.
Demons of Dex - VIC20
Demons of Dex is a new game for the Commodore VIC20 made by phvic. In this game you are Eino and you must travel through a mysterious labyrinth and defeat the monsters and the three demon lords. Features: 15 levels, 10 monsters and 5 items including a magical artefact. The music in the game is from Mikko Kallinen.
Game Corner Q2/2015
Games Corner is an English diskette magazine about new games and about cracking games. In this edition: Game Watchtower, Cracking Competition 2015, Cracked Stuff and the World of first releases.
UltiMem - VIC20
Jim Brain is working on a new memory expansion for the Commodore VIC20. The features are: The memory is organized in 5 "windows": RAM1/2/3, BLK1, BLK2, BLK3, and BLK5. Each "window" can be configured to show any 8kB RAM or FLASH ROM page in the memory space. There are 1024 8kB pages of FLASH RAM, and 128 8kB pages of RAM.
Retro Reto Pan - C64
Retro Reto Pan is a new game for the Commodore C64 and is the second entry in the 2015 Sideways SEUCK Compo. The game is made by Errazking and the music is from Baron Ashler. In this game you must stop the evil Moriarty and save the world.
Retro Commodore
The web page retro-commodore.eu has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Pirates Issue 6, Menuer til Commodore 64 og 128 (Danish), Adventure Games for the Commodore 64, Commodore 3 + 1 Software Manual and COMputer Issue 1 (Danish).
Boingsworld #68
A new episode of BoingsWorld (German language) is now available. You can listen to the following articles: 20 years an Amiga and an interview with Patrick Nevian from Tales of Gorluth II / BMR.
C64 Endings
The web page c64endings.co.uk has added new endings of Commodore C64 games. The most recent additions are: BMX Trials (Mastertronic), Code Hunter (Firebird), Cosmonut (Codemasters), Chain Reaction (Durrell Software), Dragon Wars (Electronic Arts), Dick Tracy (Titus Software) and Dark Force (TND Games).
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions fort his month are: Crash or Smash, Diamond Thief, Lethal Forumla, Life After Death, Racing Maniacs, Tronn, Tsch, Amibee, Samurai Showdown, Solo Card Games, TecnoballZ, Tile Fall, Duel, Duell, Logik, Mostares 2 (DE), Schnebitz Inc, Ski Run, Snoisnemid, Pssst!, Indycar Challenge, Power Battle, Premier Sixes, Smeer, Resident, The Almighty, Travellog, Visual Intensity, 9 Fingers, Blow Your Nose (Now), Breath Of Air, Bruiser, Cracked, Das Boot, Deep Deep Ocean, Digital Insult, Dont Say Goodbye, Dubby Day, Engine Noise, England, I Feel So Alive, Itch, LED Storm, Move, Psychotic Dreams, Runaway Scales, Sad Song, The Pit, Thunderforce 91, We Need Freedom, Zin, Broken Cigarette, Chaotic Dawn, Chip Chop 2, Deep Lard Seven, Deeply Depressed, Dusty Bottle, Fluffly Clouds, Galaxy II, Lard Tripping, Perhaps, Return Of The Judge, Shining Old Boots, The Devils and Which Way Now.
Nuclear Strike Force - C64
Nuclear Strike Force is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is made by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss. You are in the year 2031 and a member of the Nuclear Strike Force. Your mission is to stop the terrorist organisation Red Section from launching a nuclear missile. The SIDs in this game are Purge 101 and Tick Tock Time Bomb.
C64 Mags #10
C64 mags is an web page that archives diskette and paper magazines for the Commodore C64. The total amount of magazines is now 4180. You can download the whole archive or you can download individual productions.
Amiga PCB Explorer
Amiga PCB Explorer is a web based information system developed by Christian Euler. You can use the system for repairing Amiga motherboards. Besides the layout of the A4000 Rev.B motherboard, the layout of the A1200 Rev 2B is now also available with components, pin assignment and traces.
C64 Game Programming
Steve Morrow has started a new series of videos to show people how to program games on the Commodore C64. In this videos: Game scrolling map, Full screen scrolling, Design & Tips, Vertical scrolling, Rasters, Animations, Collisions, etc.
Amiga Power #56
Amiga Power is a printed magazine in the French language for the Amiga user. In this edition the following articles: MorphOS v3.7-3.8 Mac Mini, Backup OS4, E-UAE MOS, Ask Me Up XXL, Boxx & Boxx 2, My and my shadow, The Game, Operation Jupiter, HDMI, Ludexo, Dual boot - Sam460, Play It Festival, Final Edition and Icaros.
Gamebase 64 - v14
The team of Gamebase 64 released a new version. The total number of games is now more than 25,000 entries, 200 more then the previous version. And many files are updated. The goal of Gamebase 64 is to preserve all software that was made for the Commodore 64 computer.
EvenMore v0.87 - Amiga
EvenMore is an text viewer for AmigaOS. The features are proportional font support, multi-coloured text, file conversion plugins, and more. Recent changes: Improvements for Arc2Text with MorphOS and for browsing in archives. No more problems if a filename has quotation marks and spaces.
Scene World magazine #25
Scene World is a English diskette magazine for the PAL and NTSC Commodore 64 scene. In this edition of Scene World: 30 years Boulder Dash II. Interviews with V-12 Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe, Alexis Neophytides, Hank Chien, Richie Knucklez, Sound of Games, Uğur "Vigo" Özyılmazel, Peter "Franky" Smets and Cary Chaney. And information about RetroKomp/LoadError!
AMIcast #005
AMIcast is an English podcast about the world of Amiga. In this episode: An interview with Philippe Lang, the future of Amiga, Raspberry Pi and other project like: key caps.
XSidplay2 - v2.1.7
Tognon Stefano (ice00) released a new version of XSidplay for Linux. XSidplay is a SID music player for Linux, initially developed by Michael Schwendt. Changes in this version: Support for 3SID (libsidplayfp 1.8.1), better QT5 porting, improvements for initialization and a compilation for win32.
Exomizer - 2.0.9
Exomizer is a program that compresses files with efficient decompress time and file size. It can produce stand-alone self-decrunching files. In this edition: Improvements for: NULL pointer, stdout, E flag, max_len and max nr.
AmiCraft - Amiga
AmiCraft is a Minecraft like game for AmigaOS 4.x. New in this version: The Nether, Lava, Fire, Chicken, Spider, Bow and arrows, Obsidian, Flint and steel, Gunpowder, TNT and the Golden apple.
SID Anthology Vol. 1
Chris Huelsbeck released the first volume of SID Anthology. On this album: Planet Of War, Shades, Holiday Morning, Holiday Night, One More Night, Dance At Night, Soldier (1 & 2), Madness, Madness High Score Screen and The Baby Of Can Guru (1, 2 & 3).
AMIGOS - Everything Amiga
AMIGOS is a new podcast about Amiga games, hardware, news and memories. In this episode: Interview with Rob "Flack" O'Hara. Rob is the founder of the Throwback Network and is the host of You Don't Know Flack and Sprite Castle.
CBMdisk Tools
CBMdisk Tools is a collection of command line utilities written using the CBMdisk Python module. They provide some unix-inspired capabilities for working directly with content on many Commodore disk, file and archive formats. Available commands: cbmcat, cbmod, cbmstitch and cbmvrm.

CBMdisk v3.1.0
SidTracker64 - iPad
SidTracker64 is a chip tune tool for the iPad that emulates the SID from the Commodore 64. The features are: Midi keyboard. Export your music to .sid or .prg files (Dropbox / e-mail). Fully emulated SID 8580 R5 chip. 3 Voices, 8 waveforms, 3 volume envelopes, 32 instruments and vibrato controls. Wavetable & Filter editing and much more.
TwittAmiga v4.2
Oliver Urbann released a new version of his Twitter client TwittAmiga. The features are: Map view, Search, Skinnable timeline, Multiple user accounts, Preview of linked images, Update of status, Follow / Unfollow, Retweet, etc. You can read about the changes in the change log.
The Compilation64 web page is reborn. Compilation64 is an attempt to archive the multi-game compilations that have been released for the Commodore64. All the games from the old web page have been rescued and new information / scans will be added over the coming weeks / months.
SD2IEC SID Player V2.1 - Plus/4
Epy released a new version of his SID player. This program works together with a SD2IEC device and a SID card on the Commodore Plus/4 and is compatible with PAL and NTSC. Changes in this version: A new play-list system and a SID card detection.
cOS - C64
Jim released a new Operating System for the Commodore C64. It is a modern looking graphical user interface with drivers for a touch screen, joystick or the cursor keys. You can try out the test / demo diskette with cOS. The diskette includes a cBooks app and the SAM-Siri.
VIC-20 IEEE interface
Mark Gladson started an Kickstarter project to make replicas of the VIC-20 IEEE interface cartridge (VIC-1112). The project will produce fully assembled cartridges with case and label included.
Hangman's Hazard - C64
In 1992 Craig Golab released the game Hangman's Hazard for the Commodore C64. But only a few copies of the game were sold. Long time the game was lost but now it is available on the Commodore Scene Database. The game is very nice to play and is highly competitive.
Amiga mixer v1.4
Amiga mixer is a program for the Amiga that can control your audio. It supports many soundcards: SBLive/SBAudigy, FM801, Envy24HT, Solo-1 and many others. Changes in this version: New short-keys for Fader. A Greek catalog. KEYS_UDM tool type. Improvements for CLI parsing and the ARexx #?MUTE command.
VirtualC64 v1.0 rc
Dirk Hoffmann has released a new version of his VirtualC64 emulator. This emulator can turn your Mac (OS X) into a Commodore C64. Changes in this version are: Many optimisations for the VC1541 emulation. Cycle-based sprite drawing and many other improvements.
FRGCB (Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog) is a new web page that writes about retro games. But the difference is that this blog compares the games between the different computers like the C64, Amiga, MSX, NES, CPC, DOS, etc. The most recent comparisons are: Zany Golf, Thing On A Spring, Pirates!, Unique Games! (8), Skate or Die!, NGOTM: Sir Ababol and Realm of Impossibility.