You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix web page. The following Amiga music is added to the web page: Turrican II - The Desert Rocks, Guitar Slinger, Skidrow Cracktro - Gearworks, Elite 2 Frontier , Lemmings, Alfred Chicken, Prophecy the viking child, Dune - Ecolove VS GITS, Jim power, Prophecy the viking child - Level 1 & 6, Ultima VI: The False Prophet Returns, MegaBall, Gods, Turrican 2, Lips on Lips, Gamegirl and Xenon - Hajonta.
Dutch Commodore User Group
The Dutch Commodore User Group had a meeting October 15th. This Commodore user group is a very active group with six meetings every year with around a hundred or more visitors at each meeting. You can look at the photos and see how the meeting was.
The Retro Hour - Trevor Dickinson
The Retro Hour is a professional Podcast made by Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott. The Retro Hour aims to help the world understand the European gaming industry. In this episode: Trevor Dickinson.
Granny's Teeth - C64
Granny's Teeth is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is made by Richard Bayliss (code, loading picture and music) and Saul Cross (graphics). In the game you must help granny Hegarty get up the stairs to the fish-bowl to get her false teeth back.
Hall of Light
An update for the Hall of Light web page: GBA Championship Basketball, Championship Golf: The Great Courses Of The World Volume 1 - Pebble Beach / G.F.L., GFL Championship Football, Prince de Perse, Shadow Warriors, Joust, Final Mission, The, Archer MacLean's Le Billard Américain, Temps Des Heros, Le, Super Sprint, Corporation, Thunderhawk AH-73M, Solomon' s Key, Rise Of The Robots, Hatris, Hammerin' Harry, Risk (Bernstein Zirkel), Gobliiins, Jumpman, RoboCop 3 / RoboCop 3D / RoboCop Redux, Realms, Reach For The Skies, Putty Squad. Kick Off 3 European Challenge, Hook, KGB, Heimdall 2: Into The Hall Of Worlds, Hard Drivin' II: Drive Harder, Global Effect, España: The Games '92, DuckTales: The Quest For Gold / La Bande a Picsou: La Ruée Vers L'or, Cannon Fodder 2 and Darkman.
The making of a small PCB
Iiz8dwf shows in a video how to create a small PCB yourself. In the video he makes an adapter PCB for the 2364 EPROMs in a Commodore VIC-20 or the C64.
AMIcast #17
AMIcast is an English podcast about the world of Amiga. In this episode: Bill and Anthony from The Guru Meditation web page and Youtube channel.
The web page had an update. You can now find 6475 games on this web page. The new games are: Bootleg Bandits, Builder Ben, C5 Clive, Carrier-Bourne Fighter Simulation, Cluedo, Druidenschatz, Dystopia, Fantasy, Fantasy (Flatline Designs), Fantasy (SYS Public Domain), Junkyard Jalopies, Megazone, Mr. Frosty and the Killer Penguins, Plug-It, Raumpirat, Shotgun, Super Monaco Grand Prix and Tread Bea.
Trevor's Amiga Blog
Trevor Dickinson writes a blog about the Amiga. This time he writes about: A.L.I.C.E., Boing sculptures, Close encounters of the X5000 kind, Classic Reflections, Let there be (ESP) Lite, Go daddy - X500 plus style and Happy 25th birthday Linux.
MorphOS Storage
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: AmigaRacer_3.94, Calimero, EvenMore, MCE, AskMeUpXXL_GirlsBand, VAMP, HWP MUIRoyale, PowerSDL, PDCurses, DiStella, TORCS and ModExplorer.
Sam440ep Firmware update
ACube Systems released a firmware update for the Sam440ep motherboards. Changes in this version: Improvements for the graphic cards and the PCI bridge. And a set-up for the PEX 8112 PCI has been added.
The FPGASID project - Alpha phase
Andi 6510 is working on the his FPGASID Project. This project will produce an "drop-in" replacement for the SID chip. The features are: Full SID compatibility with registers and audio filters, stereo support, analog audio input, paddles and a JTAG interface for FPGA updates and debugging.
Scene World Podcast #26
Scene World Podcast is a podcast about the Commodore scene. In this episode: Paul Solomine, A Video Game Con, Jeroen Tel, Cinemaware Retro,, Return Magazine, Project SIDFX, 3D Realms' Rad Rodgers and Rad Rodgers Kickstarter.
FREEZE64 - 03
REEZE64 is an magazine for the Commodore 64 gamers and coders. In this edition: Ghost 'n' Goblins, Achim Volkers, Coder's Corner, Games in the making, Game Ending - Thing on a Spring, Walking Through Walls (3), Pokes, Game Endings Bonanza, Secret Squirrel Reveals All and the Hackersoft pads.
Zune View v0.27 - AROS
ZuneView is a program for image visualisation and manipulation. The features are: Cropping, resizing, rotating, flipping, lens barrel distortion correction, colour manipulation and filters. Changes in this version: Support for more languages: French, German, Italian, Polish and Czech.
DAM SID remixes
DAM is making remixes of SID music. You can listen to these remixes on SoundCloud. The remixes are Techno sid (59:26) and Remix on sid (1:14:53).
Gamebase 64 - v15
The team of Gamebase 64 released a new version. The total number of games is now more than 25,700 entries, 700 more than the previous version. And many files are updated. The goal of Gamebase 64 is to preserve all software that was made for the Commodore 64 computer.
Bombrunner - Plus/4
Mark Quante (264er_Fan) released a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. The game is written in Basic and is compatible with NTSC and PAL machines. In the game you must collect all bombs before your time is up.
Snafu'64 - C64
Snafu'64 is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is made by Majikeyric and Scroll (code), Rotteroy (music), Majikeyric, Rotteroy and Shine (graphics).
Flashtro Amiga
On the web page you can see many cracker intro’s with your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to Flash. The most recent flashtro’s are: Skid Row - McDonald Land, Skid Row - Beast Busters, Crystal - Apache Flight, Agile - Violator, No Limits & Illusion - Magic Fly, Classic - Future Combat 2, Classic - Back to the Future III, The Band - PaperBoy, Oracle - WolfPack, Oracle - Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, Skid Row - Road Rash, Skid Row - Shadow of the Beast III, Skid Row - Bill's Tomato Game and Agile - Cricket Amiga.
Games That Weren't 64
The GTW64 web page has had an update. New: Charlie Chaplin and Red Baron 3000.
Retrochallenge 2016/10
The October edition of the Retrochallenge competition will be held from 1-10-2016 until 31-10-2016. Everybody with a retro computer project can compete.
Boingsworld #80
A new episode of BoingsWorld (German language) is now available. You can listen to the following articles: Dennis Lohr, Bad Bramstedt, Viva Amiga DVD, M.A.C.E., ToG II, S.C.D.R., Bridge Strike, Amiga Racer 3.91, Vampire II, Amiwest 2016 and Psyria.
Dropout - VIC20
Aeb released a new game for the Commodore VIC-20. The features are: Super Rotation System, Hold , Wall kicks, Lock delay, Infinite spin, Shows next 6 pieces, Ghost piece and much more.
The web page Amigos added new articles last month: Vista Pro 3.05, Xeroxmorphs in Dittoland, Lotus III The Ultimate Challenge, Amigo Scour, The Oliver Twins Story, Mothman Festival 2016, Boo!, Rodland, Robin Hood: Legend Quest, Phantom Clicks (A1200), Alien Bash II, Battle Squadron, T-Racer, Stellar 7, Michel Janicki and Brutal Football.
C64 Endings
The web page has added new endings of Commodore C64 games. The most recent additions are: Tau Ceti (CRL), SAS Combat Simulator (Codemasters), Rasputin (Firebird), Phantom of the Asteroid (Mastertronic) and On The Farm 3 (Achim Volkers).
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: A500/2000 System Test, Jamcracker, Megademo Tracker, Opti-Utils 2, Raiders Rippers, System Exerciser V5, Galaga 92, Hi & Lo Seven Card, Rollerpede, Sheild, Shift It, Hardcore issues 1, 2 and 3. Lunchtime Express issues 1, 2, 3 & 4, Technocratic Times 2 & 3, Mother Lode, Oblivion, Slap N Tickle, Tronic, Truus (NL), Freecopy V1.8, Landbuild, PCQ Pascal, Psuite, Sird Creator, Video Tracker 2 AGA, VMorph, Evil Tower (DE), Fatal Mission, Pod, Sector One, Faza, Hollywood Mood, Hot Air, Moments, Real and Temple of Decease.
Retro Commodore
The web page has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: COMputer, VIC Computing, CCCP, Iguana, Amiga CD32 Tech, Data Becker Tegne/Male-bog/Program, Starvision International amiga software poster, A2300 Genlock Technical Specifications, A2286 Service manual, A2058 Service manual, A2052 Service manual, Kalkumat and MiniMem.
Games That Weren't 64
The GTW64 web page has had an update. New: Breakthru V1 and Transmuter. Update: Black Hawk, Fantasy, Iron Hand, Legend Of Kyril and Play and Learn series.
V.A.M.P. v1.60
Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player is a media player made with the help of Hollywood. Changes in this version: New graphics and icons, Added German language and many other improvements.
Vicious Jamz
R'zo (Ryan Liston) released a new VIC20 music album with 17 tracks and 5 bonus tracks. The music was created with Basic, Fisichella and Vic Tracker. Download includes printable CD booklet and .pdf booklet.
EvenMore - Amiga
EvenMore is an text viewer for AmigaOS. The features are proportional font support, multi-coloured text, file conversion plugins, and more. Recent changes: Update for the Spanish language and the Greek language is now also available. Improvements for PopPen, Match Case and Find. is a database with computer games for many platforms. You can find screenshots, articles, personal high scores and much more. At the moment the database contains more than 18.000 games.
Icaros Desktop 2.1.3
Paolo Besser released an update for the Icaros Desktop. There are improvements or updates for: Mapparium, OWB, SimpleMail, PortablE, FinalBurnAlpha emulator, meteMP3 player and the ColorCLI scripts.
Vampire 500 v2
Igor Majstorovic has given an presentation about the Vampire 500 v2. You can watch the 40 minute presentation on YouTube. He also tells about the plans for the Vampire 1200. English sub-titles are available.
KiloByte magazine 2
KiloByte magazine is a pdf magazine (English language) for 8-bit home computers and game consoles. In this edition: Alan Sugar (Amstrad), Floppy disk sleeves, NES, TED (FPGA), Jens Schönfeld, Gamescom, Shotgun, Barnsley Badger, Eye of the Gods, Maze of the Mummy and My Life.
Vandalism News #65
In this English D64 magazine the following items: Who is hot and who is not?, the latest news, best demo reviews and most recent charts. Booze Design, X, Datastorm, Gubbdata, Cruzer, Dane, Steel, Uncensored, Nafcom, Genesis Project, RGCD 16kb Game Compo, The Masters of C64 Pixel Art and The Market.
MUIBase 3.3
MUIbase (Magic data BASE with User Interface) is a relational, programmable database with a graphical user interface for Amiga, Linux, Mac and Windows. Steffen Gutmann has released a new version for the Amiga. The changes are: Improvements for printing, save, structure editor (records), dates, French translation, ImportSample and many other small improvements.
C64c in Polish garage
A small auto repair shop in Poland is still using an Commodore C64c. The C64c is being used for balancing drive shafts. And it is in use for more than 25 years!
Komoda & Amiga Plus #5
Komoda & Amiga Plus is an pdf magazine (English and Polish language) for the Commodore user. In this edition: Blocky Skies, Back to the Golden Age, Boxx 2, Cinnamon Writer, Dungeon Master, Mp3info, Fresh News, Following the footsteps of Ghosts'n Goblins, Resurrection: Shadow of the Beast, Pixel Heaven 2016, Talking Heads: To cheat or not to cheat?, Johnny presents, Doom, Werewolves of London, Night of the Valkyrie, Game Over II, The Lands of Zador, SID Adventures: Linus, Platman, Qwak. Vortex Crystals. Soulless and Fast bitmap plotting.
2016 Reset C64 4KB Game Coding Comp
The current entries of the 2016 Reset C64 4KB Game Coding Comp are: M4573RB4G3L5 (Cout Games), Colon 10 (Cout Games), Dog (Vanje Utne), Granny's Teeth (Richard Bayliss), Goblin (Vanja Utne), Valentine's Day Shopping Simulator (Karmic), Watschinator (Endurion), Antarctica (Antarctica), Picross 4k (Oziphantom), Zombie Massacre (Wanax), Lumberjack (Majikeyric), Bonkey Kong (Graham Axten), Super Ski (Andreas Gustafsson) and ? (Paul Koller).
Vasm 1.7f
Vasm is an assembler to create linkable objects in various formats. The following CPUs are supported: M680x0, ColdFire, 80x86, PowerPC, ARM, Jaguar RISC, Z80, C16x/ST10, 6502 and the 6800. Visit the web page to read about the changes in this version.
FREEZE64 - 02
FREEZE64 is an magazine for the Commodore 64 gamers and coders. In this edition: Bruce Lee - Datasoft, Coder's Corner: Trevor Storey, Walk Throughs, Pokes & Cheats, Game Endings: Rolands Rat Race. Action Replay Cartridge, Hidden messages and The Hackersoft's Pad.
Slavia 2 Deluxe - C64
Slavia 2 Deluxe is a new game for the Commodore C64. In the game you choose your tribe: Polans, Pomeranians, Moravians or Drevlans, you can buy things , hunt, trade and go into battle. The game is made by Minimoog (code), H3R0, Krolik, Minimoog (test) and Dziuras98 (translation).
Mix Box #1 - C64
Richard/T.N.D released Mix Box #1. An old-school music selector demo, inspired by the Music Pot Pourri demos and the Apex Music demos.
Commodore History
Stefan Egger is writing a book about the history of Commodore. He started an Indiegogo campaign to finance the book. In the book you will find all the Commodore and Amiga models and interviews with Michael Tomczyk, Hedley Davis, Bil Herd, Chuck Peddle and Yash Terakura.
Retrohax: Another C64 restoration
On the Retrohax web page you can see how to refurbish a Commodore C64. This time Drygol repairs the motherboard, the metal shielding, broken keys from the keyboard and he does a PDWPE (Prolonged Dark Warm Perhydrol Exposure).
Worm Wars v8.97 - Amiga
Worm Wars is an advanced Tron / Snake-style arcade game for up to 4 simultaneous players. There are 36 types of creature and 32 types of Power-Up objects. There is also a level editor for making your own levels. New in this version: Five new kinds of fruit and a number of small improvements.
Thibaut Varéne is working on the exSID. This device makes it possible to play SID music from a modern PC, but with real SID hardware. Features: 6581 and 8580, 44.1 kHz digis and near cycle-accurate playback.
Reset Podcast 01
In this episode of the Reset Podcast: The people behind the Reset Magazine talk about the background and features of issue 9 with the games of Hewson Consultants. And a few hints about issue 10.