Xplode Man - Plus/4
The group Assassins released a new game for the Commodore Plus/4 (PAL). The game is a Bomberman clone with 24 screens split in 4 zones. The programming is from Skoro, the graphics are made by KiCHY and the SFX / music is composed by Csabo.
Real AmiKit 8
Real AmiKit is a 16 colour version of AmiKit adapted to work with a real Amiga AGA computer. New in this version: Rainboot v3.2, MorpheuZ, Renegades Deluxe, Cooper-Demon, IconMaker, ScreenText, MUI 4, DOpus 5.91, boot voices, wallpapers and patterns. And many other improvements and updates.
Tank Battalion - VIC20
Beamrider released a new game for the Commodore VIC20. The game is a port of the tank arcade game from Namco. In the game you must destroy all the other 20 tanks and protect the base. For this game you need a Commodore VIC20 (PAL), a 16 kByte memory expansion and a joystick.
8bit Killer - Amiga
Czesław Mnich made a game engine based on Gloom Deluxe. The project is an conversion of the game 8bit Killer on the PC. The first three levels are converted and a lot of new levels are added. A two players mode is also available. The game is available in two download versions: ADF and LHA.
RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Competition 2014
The games for the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2014 are now available. You can test the following games yourself: Fickle, Penultimate Fantasy, Tiger Claw, Honey Bee Redux, Falling, Brick Buster, Aviator Arcade, Race, C-2048, Pixel City Skater, Voivod Attack, p0snake, Mini Arcade: Climax, Toyz and Tutti Frutti 64.
Lotek64 #50
A new edition of the German pdf magazine Lotek64 is now available. The articles in this edition: Lo*bert, Editorial, News, Lotek64-Story: 50 Editions, Jill of the Jungle, The Music of Commodore 64, The history of the golden C64, Petro Tyschtschenkos memories, Amiga DeskTop Video Master / Commodore 4064, Film: Die Gstettensaga – The Rise of Echselfriedl, Leisure Suit Leo II Deluxe Edition, Barcode Battler, Games that weren‘t: I Can Remember, Street Fighter: Assassin‘s Fist, ECCC 2014 - Chicago, Game City 2014 - Wien, Chipmusik, SIDologie and Videogame Heroes #16: Tetromino I.
Icaros Desktop 2.0.1
Paolo Besser released an update for the Icaros Desktop. There are improvements or updates for: ntfs.handler, AntiryadIDE, HDToolBox, noacpi, AmiBridge, Theme preferences, AmigaOS 3.1 theme, ZuneFig, ZuneView and WeatherBar.
SD2IEC SID Player V2.0 - Plus/4
Epy released a new version of his SID player. The SID player has been rewritten from scratch for better usability and an updated look. This program works together with a SD2IEC device and a SID card on the Commodore Plus/4 and is compatible with PAL and NTSC.
Retro Asylum Podcast 102
In this episode Dean Swain, Paul Davies, Steve Erickson and special guest Chris O’Regan prepare for the battle in our 8 Bit Wars Special. Paul tries to maintain order and decide which one will win Spectrum, C64 or the Amstrad. Will there be 8 bit tears before bedtime?!
Chris Collins interview
The C64.com web page had an interview with Chris Collins. Chris got an Commodore 64 from his father when he was 14 years old. Later he worked for the company Binary Design as a graphical artist. A few games he worked on were: Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear, Bosconian 87, Motos, Double Dragon, Puzznic, Sly Spy Secret Agent, Gauntlet III, Energy Warrior, Magic Johnson's Fast Break and Roadwars.
Amiga Mania 8
Amiga Mania is a Hungarian Amiga magazine (pdf). In this edition: Startup-sequence, News, Amiga CD32, CD32 controller, The iron ring of wood SX32Pro, WiFi for classic Amigas, Amiga an programming, WB 16 colours background, A520, USB Boot 15 G4 / G5, Vampire 16 600, Floppy drive evolution, SQLite Manager, Mad Racing Crash, Voxelnoid, Flipperológia, Guns Chaos interview, Aquaria, Payback, Demológia, Microcosm CD32 and Pixels cult.
BX720D project
Steve Gray is working on a new project. In 1983 Commodore wanted to sell a CBM-II BX-256-80 / BX-700 machine, but it never happened. Now Steve want to built one himself. The specifications are: CBM-II 710 computer, 8250LP disk drives, 8088 co-processor board and a few extras.
SD-BOX Cartridge v1.14
The SD-BOX is a cartridge for the Commodore C64 with an SD card interface. The cartridge has many functions for the disk drive and the Datassette. Recent updates: Faster directory scrolling via the keyboard. You can now use the joystick in the menu and the diskette directory. Updates for the manual and a few small errors are removed.
Geoff Phillips interview
The website Games that weren't has had an interview with Geoff Phillips. Geoff programmed games in the 70s 80s and 90s. He worked for the game companies Tangerine, Orpheus, First Star Software and MSU. A few examples of the games he worked on are Mighty Bombjack (C64), Elidon (MSX) and Boulderdash construction kit (Spectrum).
TAWS v0.24
TAWS (The Amiga Workbench Simulation) is a JavaScript simulation of the Amiga-Workbench 1.x - 3.x for IE, Firefox, Opera and WebKit-Browsers. With TAWS you can work with the Amiga Workbench inside your favourite web browser. Changes in this version: New OS4 GUI elements, backgrounds and icons. New parameters: random and noforce. And a number of small errors are removed.
Honey Bee - Redux - C64
This is the 16KB cartridge version of Honey Bee. In this arcade adventure you are a Honey Bee and must go to 16 different worlds and pick up pollen from it. The game is developed by Richard Bayliss, the graphics are from Wayne Womersley (Sprites), Steven Day (Graphics) and Richard Bayliss (Charsets) and the music is from Joachim Wijnhoven.
Boingsworld #58
A new episode of BoingsWorlds (German language) is now available. You can listen to the following articles: Sam460cr, PCMCIA-adapter, A1200 Backplate CF-Adapter, Cloanto-News, App-Store "Amistore", Zlorfig Remute.MOD, Renegades Deluxe 2014, Clockport Expander II, RadeonHD-Treiber, Amiwest 2014, Cope-Com, Goldencode, Ace of Hearts, Voxelbird, Voxelnoid and Cherry Darling.
C64 Endings
The web page c64endings.co.uk has added new endings of Commodore C64 games. The most recent additions are: Autotest (Daisysoft / Byte-Back), Arachne (Tony Espeset), Black Night (Timesoft), Bionic Commando (US) (Capcom), Blood Brothers (Gremlin Graphics), Better Dead Than Alien (Electra Software), Bell Ringer 3 (G. Straume, S. Connolly), Bushido (Firebird), B.A.T. (Ubisoft) and Moving Target (Players Premier).
Super Starship Space Attack - VIC20
Misfit released a new game for the Commodore VIC 20. In this game you must find 3 power units and escape from the spaceship. The game has three levels: easy, normal and difficult. The game can be played on a VIC20 with a 16 kByte memory expansion and a joystick.

The Youtube video of Super Starship Space Attack.
EvenMore v0.82 - Amiga
EvenMore is an text viewer for AmigaOS. The features are proportional font support, multi-coloured text, file conversion plugins, and more. Recent changes: Improvements for the WordPerfect2Text plugin styles. The following styles are now also supported: shadow, strikethrough and outline.
c64asm - Ruby
Piotr Staszewski released an MOS6502 assembler as a Ruby DLS, with focus on the Commodore 64. Features: Write MOS6502 assembly and have the full power of Ruby, C64 BASIC compiler built in, generating tool, output of source code and disassembler code.
Club Info 136
In this German language d64 magazine for the Commodore C116, C16 and the Plus/4 the following articles: Tips and Tricks, Computer Spaß, Hardware, Termine, Szene, Temple of Terror, Voidrunner, Diam, Skateboarding, Whitch, Total Eclipse, SVS-Calc 2.0 and other systems.
BetterWB v3.9
BetterWB is a new Workbench pack, like AIAB, Amikit, AmigaSYS, ClassicWB etc. It aims to be an enhancement and an update to AmigaOS 3.1 but without the need of extra hardware. New in this edition: Integration of Disksalv and pfsdoctor, Addmem for ram expansion configuration, Icon.library v46.4.399, Prism2v2 v2.6, PrepCard+ v0.2, CleverWIN, Redit and general improvements.
The Vice Squad - C64
Psytronik Software and RGCD are proud to present The Vice Squad, a thrilling and action packed driving shooter from Achim Volkers and Trevor 'Smila' Storey. Featuring super-fast and silky-smooth scrolling, assorted weapons, multiple levels to blast your way through, superbly designed background graphics and amazing music.
Clockport Expander II
Matthias Münch released the Clockport Expander II for the Amiga 1200 desktop. This version makes it possible to use the Clock Expander with one of the many expansions such as the BVision, G-Rex PCI Busboard, Delfina Flipper, MP3@64, Silver Surfer, Subway USB, RapidRoad USB, Melody 1200, Prelude 1200 and the VS1011 Card.
Matt Gray interview
The C64.com web page had an interview with Matt Gray. Matt is a musician and producer and started with the Commodore C64 in 1985. When he discovered the SID chip he wanted to make music for the Commodore C64 himself. He played music on a Casio MT-45 keyboard and then converted it to the C64. You can read the whole interview on the C64.com web page.
PlayIt64 V0.9
PlayIt64 is a tool to generate an .PRG file from a .SID file. The program reads the PSID header information, starts the interrupt player routine and shows information on the screen. PlayIt is meant for PAL systems only and adjusts NTSC tunes to the right speed.
Christopher Handley released a new version of PortablE. PortablE is a recreation of the AmigaE programming language with many improvements. The program is available for Amiga OS3, OS4, AROS, MorphOS and Windows. You can find a complete list of new and improved items on the PortablE web page.
RetroWiki Magazine 10
RetroWiki is an Spanish pdf Retro Computer Magazine. In this edition the following articles: News, Dragon 32, 64 and 200, Thomson MO5, TO7 and TO9, 5 VDC power supply, Uridium, Knight Rider, Shinobi,Commodore Plus: SD2IEC - 1541, improving your joysticks and Crazy Balloon.
C65 - FPGA
Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on a FPGA version of the Commodore C65. His goal is to make an 8-bit computer for the 21st century. In the last month he has been working on anti-aliasing, proportional fonts, a C65GS laptop, migration to Vivado, memory access and loading data via Ethernet.
Kick Assembler v3.37
The last couple of months there have been updates for Kick Assembler. The recent changes are: The following illegal nop opcodesare added: nop #$01 - nop $02 - nop $03,x - nop $1000 - nop $1000,x.
Retrochallenge Competition 2015/1
The winter edition of the Retrochallenge competition will be held from 1-12-2014 until 31-1-2015. Everybody with a retro computer project can compete. Examples of the entries are: Urbancamo - KIM Uno with keypad, Michael Sternberg - Serial port, Eric Smith - Restoration of a 1976 computer, Paleoferrosaurus - Building a classic computer from crap.
Reset #05
Reset is an pdf magazine (English language) for the Commodore C64 user. In this edition: Editorial, Reviews: Soulless, The Adventures of Scooby Doo and Leisure Suit Leo II. They were our gods, Paper Plane, News, Return of the King, From bedroom to billions, C64 a visual compendium, C64 power supply and more.
Retro Game Calendar 2015
The Sunteam web page has made calendars for retro computer fans. You can print out the calendar and use a old CD case as a holder of your calendar. The following calendars are available: ZX-81, ZX-Spectrum, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, PC Engine, Sega Mega Drive and Commodore Amiga.
Scene World Podcast #2
In this episode of the Scene World Podcast the following: Matt Falcus and Sven Vößing (Cinemaware), Rocket Ranger Reloaded, Wings! Remastered Edition, Sven's Retro Hunter, John Draper and more.
SVS-calc 2.5 - Plus4
SVS-calc has been updated. New in this version: Password for files. Export function for PlusGraph files. New horizontal 3D graphs. Improvements for the Symbolic Names. Faster video output by using faster machine language routines.
SpiderCave - Amiga
Achim Kern released a new game for the Amiga. In the game you need to build ladders and collect yellow spider eggs. This is very dangerous because the mother spiders will drop blue eggs with green acid gas to destroy your ship and ladders. The game is available for: AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, AROS, Mac OS X, MorphOS, Windows, Linux and Android.
Martin Maly has built an online development tool for retro computers. The features are: Code editor, Simulated workspace for your files, Compiling engines for 8080/8085, Z80, 6502, 6800 and 6809 CPU. Embedded emulators for all these CPUs and emulators for PMI-80, PMD-85, JPR-1, ZX Spectrum, KIM-1 and the Grant Searle Single Board computers.
Paper Plane - C64
Roy Fielding made a new game for the Commodore C64. In this game you must guide your paper plane through the hazards. You can use left / right to steer and adjust your speed. The music in the game is from Timo Taipalus.
The web page c64games.de had an update. You can now find 6207 games on this web page. The new games are: 3D Roam, Boxmatch, Burnin Pen 64, Ciphoid 9, Donkey Kong Junior, Eggland, Fifth Axis, I can remember, Indoor Games Pack, Krakout - Doreco-Edition, Mega-Pack (Prism Leisure), Savage Island (Savage Island 1+2), Sports Mix, The Dogs and The Lost Caves 9.
Mini Mag #10
Mini-Mag is a German diskette magazine. In this edition: Editorial, Forum, Doreco, Leo 2, Protector v1.7, Scumm!, Burger Time, Turbo Chameleon 64, Retrobright, Top 5 Games and Demos.
Mr. Pacman
Mr. Pacman is a 8-bit hero gangsta rock band from Denver, USA. Mr. Pacman performance with retro-futuristic outfits, and their Commodore 64 inspired electronic music with a rock attitude. Mr. Pacman uses a SidStation, controlled by his keytar, and Silver Ghost uses a Commodore SX-64 as a bass synthesizer.
Vandalism News #63
In this English D64 magazine the following items: The Charts, News, World of Demos, Market, Last days of Comoland, X2014, The X-Factor, CHCC Medieval, Sceners in the Sun, Matt Gray, Anders Reutersworld, The Crime Scene, Donkey Kong Jr., Hardware corner, het C64GS project and the list.
Cassiopei - VIC-20
The Cassiopei now supports VIC-20's that have a memory expansion. The menu program does a small analysis regarding the load-ability of the selected program and relocates the BASIC program where possible. Available are the firmware update (v20141018.hex), a menu program and a user manual.
Amiga 1200 Compact Flash
Amigakit made a kit to install a Compact Flash hard drive in your A1200. The kit includes a IDE to CF adaptor, a plastic rear trapdoor back plate with Compact Flash cut-out and a IDE cable. You can also order a 4 GB Compact Flash hard drive with an complete OS installation.
Donkey Kong Junior - C64
Donkey Kong Junior is a new game for the Commodore C64. The programming is from Mr. SID, the music was made by Encore and the graphics are from STE'86. The game is a accurate port of original Arcade version from the year 1982. In the game Donkey Kong Jr. must rescue his father from Mario. On his way to his father he must avoid the obstacles and dangerous animals.
Furia EC020 v2
After the success of the first batch of the Furia card, the developer decided to make another batch. The Furia EC020 is an accelerator card for Amiga600 with a Motorola MC68EC020 CPU, Motorola MC68882/40 FPU and 9.5 MB of fast memory. The Furia makes the Amiga over 10 times faster, than the original Amiga 600.
Mastertronic Chronicles
Mastertronic Chronicles is a blog of witchfinder dedicated to the Mastertronic games for the Commodore C64. The most recent reviews are: Kentilla (1986), Fist II: The Legend Continues (1989), Kickstart 2 (1987), Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers (1989), Kane 2 (1988), Dan Dare II (1989), Space Walk (1984) and UCM: Ultimate Combat Mission (1988).
Jack v4.7 - Amiga
Jack is a multi-purpose program for AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS. Features: Preferences, Screen snapshot, Knowledge Base, Image editor, Music player, Slideshow, File-management, Auto-updates, etc. Changes in this version: Latest version of MUI Royale. Check for AISS installation and improvements for the installer script.
GeekTunes - Andriod
GeekTunes is a music player for Andriod. You can use the player to play the following music files: Amiga MOD files included .IT .XM and .S3M, C64 SID files and MP3 files. The recent changes are: Support for Internet radio streaming. A new tool to mark tunes that you like so that you can email yourself a list of favourite tunes from the radio stream.