ADTWin is a tool for writing Amiga 500/1000 ADF's from a PC to a Amiga diskette. You will need an PC with a parallel port and a disk drive from a PC or an Amiga. The writing of the diskette takes about 37 seconds. A schematic for the cable and the software is available.
The secrets of the 6500/1
The Commodore 6500/1 is a "single chip computer" that is used in for example the Commodore 1520 plotter / printer. The problem is that nobody knew what was inside this chip. On the cbm-hackers mailing list people started with a project of hacking the 6500/1 chip. The hack was successful and the firmware is now available.
WHDLoad offers a way to play Amiga diskette games from your hard disk. New: Synthetic Vibes (Quartz), Best of RAF Vol.1 (Katharsis), Music Collection (Katharsis), The Town with no Name (D4i), Psycho Killer (D4i), Testament (Katharsis), Mega Mix 3 (Royal Amiga Force), Megademo (Royal Amiga Force) and TurboRaketti II (Heikki Kosola). Improved: Space Quest 3 (Sierra), Base Jumpers (Rasputin), Lionheart Demo (Thalion), Oil Imperium / Black Gold (reLINE), Super Skweek (Loriciel) and Gloom (Black Magic).
Scene World Podcast #1
In this episode of the Scene World Podcast the following: Privacy, copyright of C64 SID's, world events and social network security. Special guest: freelance reporter Lars Sobiraj (Ghandy from the Amiga Demoscene).
Goatlizard DX - Amiga
Andrew Gillen released an update for the game the Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard. In the game you must collect the aliens and avoid the explosive devices. Changes in this version: In-game music, More enemies, Improved 2-player game and a custom game that lets you create your own screen.
Peter Edwards developed and new hardware device for the Commodore 8 bit computers. This device can replace the Commodore Datassette. The device has an Arduino micro controller with an SD card reader and a LCD screen. The schematics and the software are available on Peters web page.
The Almost forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000
Glen VanDenBiggelaar wrote an article about the Commodore Amiga 2000. He writes about the introduction, the different models and the add-on cards for the A2000. He also talks about Video Toaster and the use of Amiga's at NASA.
Games That Weren't 64
The GTW64 web page has had an update. New: Body Slam and Circus Circus. Update: Zone of Darkness, Arsenal FC, Brides Of Dracula, Heavy Barrel, Rex, The Rocky Horror Adventure Show, Total Recall V1 and Zanatron.
Atoms-X - Amiga
Rob Cranley releases a new version of his game Atoms-X. Atoms-X is a remake of the old Public Domain game Atoms and is a strategy and action Board Game. Changes in this version: Added more keyboard controls, updated the manual, improved the code and removed a couple of small errors.
LSR 64 v0.31
LSR 64 is a system that makes it possible to control a laser with your Commodore C64. The hardware is from ViTi and the software is developed by Hermit. The laser system reached the number one place in the Wild Demo Competition at the Arok Party (2014).

A video of the LSR 64 system.
Retro Asylum 92 - Psygnosis
In this episode of the Retro Asylum Podcast Sam (mrsid), Steve (press play on tape) and Paul (the drisk) talk about the game development company Psygnosis. They talk about the games and the milestones in the companies history. And there are also listener contributions. An History of Psygnosis as PDF is also available.
The web page had an update. You can now find 6163 games on this web page. The new games are: Alter Ego, Amazon (Commodore Disc), Amity Island, Aurum, Breakthru in 3D, Bugs, Captain Future Preview, Commando Arcade, Crazy Painter, Darkness, Denga, Dinosaur Dig, Fuse, Gnugo Version 1.2, Graham Gooch All Star Cricket Preview, Ice-Racing, Knights and Demons, Labyrinth (Commodore Disc), Magic Duel, Onslaught Shooter Collection, Oops, Pluff, Rylan, Single Extreme Freedom, Snakman, Softporn Adventure, Spakman, Super Pac Twins, Treasure-Hunt, World Boxing Champ, Xain d Sleena and Your Fathers Nightmare.
PicassoII - A500
Matthias made a Picasso II clone for the Amiga 500. The Picasso II is a popular graphics card for the Amiga computer, made by Village Tronic. Later Georg Braun developed a clone for his GBA 1000 Amiga computer. Matthias adapted this design for the Amiga 500. You can follow the progress on the a1k forum (German language).
USB Commodore C64 keyboard
Evan is working on a USB adapter for a Commodore C64 keyboard. He uses a interface based on a Olimex-32u4 that translates the C64 keyboard matrix signals to the USB signals. Evan made a couple of modifications such as the Commodore key and the wasd key combination for the arrow keys.
Notepad+4 - Plus/4
Vladimir released an text editor for the Commodore Plus/4. The editor can use the same keyboard combinations as the default BASIC editor. It can load and save SEQ files and has a search function. The program can be uses together with SVS Calc to form a Office suite.
GenesisPlus v1.7 - MorphOS
A new version of the GenesisPlus emulator for MorphOS is available. Changes in this version: Filters show only valid ROM filenames (.cue .bin .smd .sms .gg). Auto detection of PAL and NTSC ROM's (audio/video). Preview pictures in start-up window and thumbnails added to save-state manager.
AROS Vision 2.7
A new version of AROS Vision is now available. AROS is based on concepts and ideas of the Amiga and the 68000 processor. AROS supports X86, ARM, PPC and 68k. Changes in this version: Updates for: MUI royale, ROM's, IBrowse, Simplemail, Digibooster, Audio software, Filetypes and AMOS.
Mini Mag #09
Mini-Mag is a German diskette magazine. In this edition: Editorial, Forum, Parties, Letters, Interviews with Sven Scheafer and Cyberno, Sokuban64, PM-Writer, Chats and a riddle.
Donkey Downfall - Amiga
Michael Gibs made the game Donkey Downfall for the Amiga. The game is based on a Atari 2600 game called Man Goes Down. The game is a simple platform game where the platform scrolls up and you must fall, instead of jump. The game can be played on a Amiga with 1MB Chip RAM.
C64 Emulator - Arduino
This project uses a the Arduino to emulate an 6502 computer with a BASIC interpreter. Because the Arduino is not that powerful, the emulation is limited to BASIC. But you can connect a TFT display and program in BASIC with the PETSCII graphics.
RetroWiki Magazine 9
RetroWiki is an Spanish pdf Retro Computer Magazine. In this edition the following articles: SAM Coupe, Retro-Bits, El Kenbak-1, Terminator games, Commodore Plus, Brico Micro and Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back.
Shack - Plus/4
Gaia released a chess game for the Commodore Plus/4. The game Shack is a conversion of a chess program from the Commodore 64. It has adjustable difficulty setting (1-9), load/save option and a undo function. The game can be played on a PAL or NTSC machine with 64 kBytes.
Infinity Tape Sd2iec update
Manosoft released a firmware update for the Infinity Tape Sd2iec. Changes in this version: Saving of a placeholder unique for each .TAP file. Confirmation of successful initialization of the C64SD card, end-of-virtual tape indication and a card hide function.
C&A Games #09
The Polish magazine Commodore & Amiga Fan released another games edition. In this pdf magazine the following articles: News, Franko - The Crazy Revenge, Wings, FIFA World Cup 2014, Times of Wars, The Map (2), Interview: Ryszardem Nazarewskim, Hero Time 2, Vampire Hunter 2, Mega Starforce: Return to the Great Star, Saboteur, V.I.O.S. 2011 - Special Edition, Interview: Bohdana R. Rau, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Flappy Bird, Happy Flappy, Commando Arcade, Swords Valdgira II and C64 Persian.
SID-Wizard v1.7
SID-Wizard is a Commodore 64 music tracker made by Hermit (Mihaly Horvath). Changes in this version: Support for 3 SID chips, Independent order list-marks, Insert entire order list column, SWP - re-locatable music data / player and Tape slow-down effect support in player.
Commodore Free #81
A new edition of the English pdf, text, seq, d64, html and Ebook magazine is now available. In this edition the following: Editorial, Cover Tape 14, News for the C64, Plus/4, VIC20 and Amiga users. Ray Carlsen Universal PSU, Contiki Networking, Game Reviews: Bertie The Ball, Threes and Get The Cat, Arthur Jordison, Interview with Creators of Armiga, Games That Shouldn't Have Been and Assembly Line - $04.
EvenMore v0.81+ - Amiga
EvenMore is an text viewer for AmigaOS. The features are proportional font support, multi-coloured text, file conversion plugins, and more. Recent changes: Support for AmigaWriter file format. Improvements for the WordPerfect, StarWriter5, Wordwrap, WordWorth, FinalWriter, ProWrite, RTF, Dir2Text, HTML and Pagestream plugins. And a few new Escape codes.
Lotek64 #49
A new edition of the German pdf magazine Lotek64 is now available. The articles in this edition: Lo*bert, Editorial, News, C64 Cartridges, Flipper und ihre Wurzeln, DJ Coco / Mario Fangames Galaxy, Commando Arcade C64, The Last Door, Chuck Smith, TIE Fighter, King's Quest 5, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Street Art 8-Bit, Echelon - LipStik-Controller, Elektronikmuseum, Commodore Meeting Wien 2014, Chipmusik, SIDologie and Videogame Heroes #15.
Botticelli Bilderdisk #39
Erich released a new Botticelli Bilderdisk for the Commodore C16 and the Plus/4. This double-sided diskette is filled with pictures in the Botticelli format. The Magica viewer is used to display the pictures. The pictures are a mix of handmade and digitized pictures.
Return #18
Return magazine is a German print magazine about the 8-bit computers from A (Atari) to Z (ZX Spectrum). In this edition:30 Years Atari 7800, The Epyx-Story, Warshaws Welten, Putty Squad, 25 Years Game Boy, Oh Mummy, Perplexity, Ultimate Wizard, Tetris 8-Bit, C64 Musik, ACA 500, Atari-7800-Games, Golden Axe, Starwing (CZ-Tunes) and the news from the scene.
Reset and ROM switcher
Vimfuego developed a new hardware device for the Commodore C64. With the device you have an 100% internal Reset switch and ROM selector, with no ugly external switches on your C64. The switch works together with the Restore key and is based on a Arduino Pro Mini. Vimfuego can program the kit but you need to install it yourself which includes soldering wires.
Indoor Soccer Brasil - Plus/4
The group Absence released the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 edition of Indoor Soccer for the Commodore Plus/4. The original game was released in 1986 by Magnificent Seven for the Commodore Plus/4. The game can be played on a PAL machine with 64 kilobytes.
Game Corner Q2/2014
Games Corner is an English diskette magazine about new games and about cracking games. In this edition: 2048, Bellringer III, Boxmatch, Commando Arcade, Darkness, Darkipede, Roll, Kur Pelite Tu Tuceji, Maze Dash, Sokoban64, Xain'd Sleena, Your Farther's Nightmare, Cracked stuff and World of First releases.
USB adapter Amiga
Spidi is working on a new USB adapter to use USB keyboards, mice and joysticks on the Amiga computer. The adapter converts the USB signals to the "old" Amiga signals. This means there is no new driver necessary on the Amiga computer. You can follow the progress on the PPA forum (Polish language).
C64 cartridge dumper
Rob needed a way to get the data from a Commodore C64 cartridge. He made a device that can dump standard 8 kByte cartridges. He uses a Arduino that is connected to the cartridge to get the data and transfers the data to a PC via the USB connection. The schematics and firmware is available.
HVSC #61
There is a update available of the High Voltage SID Collection. There are now more then 45.000 SIDs in the collection. In this update 749 new SIDs, 1479 fixed/better rips, 727 SID credit fixes, 323 SID model/clock infos, 19 tunes identified and 73 tunes moved. You can download the update from the HVSC web page.
MorphOS 3.6
A new version of MorphOS is now available. Changes in this version: It is now possible to use the built-in Wi-Fi hardware in all Apple systems with the Broadcom BCM43 chip-set. Support for AMD R400, Radeon X800 XT / Pro and FireGL X3 cards. SMBFS file system handler with 64 bit I/O support. VNC server and a Synergy client. You can read all the details in the release notes.
Scene World #23
Scene World is a English diskette magazine for the PAL and NTSC Commodore 64 scene. In this edition of Scene World: Editorial, Feedback, 30 years Tetris, Interview with Alexey Pajitnov, Vintage Computer Festival 9.1: Bil Herd, Chuck Peddle and Petro Tyschtschenko, Adam Dunkels - Contiki. Flashback 2014, SEUCK Competition 2014, Stary Piernik 9 and much more.
Amiga Forum #009
Amiga Forum is a Swedish (printed) magazine for the Amiga user. In this edition: News from SUGA, SAPPHIRE and Amiga World, AmiGBG 2014, The GG2 Network card, FPGA-based Amiga clones, Noise Tracker 25 years, Putty Squad and the SUGA meetings.
Exploring the SID 8580
Richard Atkinson has made a video about the Commodore SID chip. In the video he explains all the features from the SID chip. He uses a PC with an HardSID, a Behringer BCR2000 controller and a Yamaha V50 keyboard. The system is Richard Atkinson hat ein Video über den Commodore SID Chip gemacht. Im Video erklärt er alle Eigenschaften von der SID Chip. Er verwendet einen PC mit einem HardSID, einen Behringer BCR2000 Controller und einen Yamaha V50 Tastatur. Das System wird mit Speziale Software kontrolliert.controlled with custom software.

Exploring the SID 6581
SysMon v3.8 - Amiga
Sysmon is a system monitor for AmigaOS 4 made by Guillaume Boesel. Recent changes: Added a network bandwidth benchmark in Benchmark tab. Removed the "Used Stack" in the "Tasks" tab because it produced wrongs results. Improved the CLI numbers in the "Tasks" tab and the Workbench library version in the "System" tab.
Drumo in Adventureland - C64
Roberto Ricioppo made a new SEUCK game for the Commodore C64. In the game you are Drumo and you live on your own beer farm. But aliens want to take over the beer farm. You must fight with the aliens with your catapult and save the beer farm from being invaded by the aliens.
SoundBankster 1.2 - MorphOS
Antoine Dubourgs released SoundBankster version 1.2. SoundBankster is a program that DJ's can use to play there music. The features are: Waveform rendering with TinyGL, Reggae support, 20ms audio buffer, Beat detection, Accurate track pitch, Filters, Loops, Play-list and a MUI interface.
SID Known v1.08
Wilfred Bos released an update of SID Known. This version is compatible with the latest HVSC (#61). SID Known is a tool which you can use to identify SID tunes from SID and PRG files.
Boingsworld #53
A new episode of BoingsWorlds (German language) is now available. You can listen to the following articles: Petro Tyschtschenko, MUI 3.9 for AmigaOS3, Amipad 32, Chaos Guns Demo, Longplays: Total Football, Goal!, Strike, Samba World Cup 98, Fußball Total! and FIFA International Soccer.
C64 Endings
The web page has added new endings of Commodore C64 games. The most recent additions are: Astro Marine Corps (Dinamic), Beyond Dark Castle (Activision), Cavemania (Atlantis Software), Clystron (CP Verlag / X-Ample) and Captain Blood (Infogrames).
C64 Forever 2014
Cloanto released the 2014 version of the C64 Forever emulation package. Changes in this version: The user can now set the personal rating for any title. Improvements for the RP9 editor, loading times, keyboard input, Send Feedback option, and many more improvements. The emulator is compatible with Windows 7 and 8.
Programmable Logic I - PLA/PAL
Bil Herd made an article about Programmable Logic. In this article he explains how the PLA for the C64 was developed. The PLA in the C64 is used to create chip select signals from various other signals. These signals control which chip is connected to the data bus and is therefore responsible for the memory mapping of the C64.

Programmable Logic II - CPL
World of Jani
Jani made a web page for his hardware projects, documentation, preservation, repairs and other Commodore related technical items. A few examples of his projects: Techtopics, Parallell cable for the Oceanic disk drives, RapiDOS Professional, 2364 to 2764/27128 adapter, Finding bad RAM and Making a C64 Cartridge.
FRGCB (Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog) is a new web page that writes about retro games. But the difference is that this blog compares the games between the different computers like the C64, Amiga, MSX, NES, CPC, DOS, etc. The most recent comparisons are: Summer Games, Afterlife, Turbo Esprit, Mikie, The Vikings and Bionic Commando.