PET 2001 clone
Glen Kleinschmidt is working on a clone of a CBM PET-2001. The specifications are: 32 KiB RAM, BASIC#2, WDC65C02N (CPU), WDC65C21N (PIA) and a WDC65C22N (VIA).
AMIcast - Andreas Falkenhahn
AMIcast is an English podcast about the world of Amiga. In this episode: A text interview with Andreas Falkenhahn.
Pentagram v1.30 - C64, C128 & Plus/4
A new version of the game Pentagram is now available for the Commodore C64, C128 and the Plus/4. Changes in this version: Improvements for speed, start screen and support for the SuperCPU.
Back to the Future Java
Back to the Future Java (b2fJ) is a Java Virtual Machine intended to run on the 8-bit home computers of the 80s. At the moment a beta version for the Commodore C64 is available.
Arduino Amiga diskette reader
Robert Smith wanted to read his old diskettes from his Amiga 500+. His Amiga did not work anymore so he decided to find another solution. He made a system with an PC disk drive and a Arduino to read his old Amiga diskettes.
YAPE v1.1.4
A new version of YAPE is available. YAPE is a Windows emulator for the Commodore Plus/4. The changes in this release are: Improvements for the TIA 6525 emulation (1551 disk drive) and improvements for the SID emulation.
FlashFloppy - Gotek
Keir Fraser developed new firmware for the Gotek hardware. This firmware is open source and an alternative for the HcX firmware. With a Gotek you can replace your floppy disk drive in your Amiga with an USB drive.
Jan Beta - NOS C64 PCB
Jan Beta made a video about a unused (NOS) printed circuit board for the Commodore C64.
Bomb Runner 2 - Plus/4
Bomb Runner 2 is a new game for the Commodore Plus/4 made by Roland (RKSoft). The game is based on Bomb Runner from Mark Quante. The game has 12 levels and is written in BASIC 3.5.
Lotek64 #55
A new edition of the German pdf magazine Lotek64 is now available. The articles in this edition: C64-MMO Habitat, - André Eymann, Frogs, Teletext, C64-Directory-Compo, PC-Hard disk on the C64 bus, Commodore Meeting Wien 2017, The Colonel's Bequest, Autobahn Raser, Amiga 3400, Siemenx Nixdorf FD 210, Sidologie, Lobert, C232, Nintendo Wii Development Kit and Videogame-Heroes.
Zatacka - C64
Zatacka is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is made by insane (code), 505 (music) and Titus (graphics). The game reached the second place in the WiLD Demo Competition at Nordlicht 2017.
Scene World Podcast #35
Scene World Podcast is a podcast about the Commodore scene. In this episode: Richard Loewenstein & Altraz - Reshoot R.
The 8-Bit Guy - US*8 calculator
The 8-Bit Guy made a video about repairing a Commodore US*8 calculator. The calculator has a problem with the power supply and the keys.
Legend of the Lost Catacombs - VIC20
Legend of the Lost Catacombs is a new game for the Commodore VIC20. The game is made by Ryan Liston (R'zo) and needs a 24 KiB memory expansion. In the game you must find your way through the dark catacombs with only the light of your fairy.
Bwack is testing his new Versa64Cart. The Versa64cart is a printed circuit board for a 27512 EPROM with many configuration options.
Retrohax - RGB2S/C
On the Retrohax web page you can see how to build an RGB to S-video / Composite converter for your Amiga, Atari ST or Amstrad computer. The converter is based on the AD724 chip. You can also buy the finished product from Retrohax.
A600/1200 USB keyboard
Tynemouth Software has made an adapter to connect an Amiga 600/1200 keyboard to USB. The set also includes a cable for the LEDs and an USB cable.
Commodore Minuteman 3
Jfieldcap wrote a blog about the restoration of an Commodore Minuteman 3 calculator. After cleaning and replacing the battery pack the calculator works perfectly again.
Aphexteknol - C64 repair
Aphexteknol made a video about the repair of a Commodore C64. This time the on/off switch was the problem.
The Ultimate-64
Gideon Zweijtzer announced the Ultimate-64. This circuit board will replace the original circuit board in the Commodore C64. Features: FPGA SID / real SID, HDMI PAL/NTSC, cartridge, tape, user, serial, video and joystick ports. The price will be around 200 Euro.
The Guru Meditation - Amiga 1200 Upgrades
In this episode of the Guru Meditation: Amiga 1200 upgrades (LoadWB), new Amiga cases, Acill's repair and Vintage Computer Festival SE.
HVSC 4 SD2IEC is a new project to convert the HVSC collection to a SD2IEC device. All files are converted to SID DNP files. You can also use the SD-BOX to listen to the music.
Floppy Days - Podcast #75
Floppy Days is an English podcast about Retro computers. In this episode: VCFSE 5, Thomas Liebert, Jon Guidry, Amiga Bill and Anthony.
DLH's Commodore Archive
DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: The GEM Operating System, Writer File, Microkids, The Polyhedron, Teaching and Computers, Personel Computer & Games, At the Heart of the Mountain and Adventurer.
Eight Bit Magazine 4
Eight Bit Magazine will celebrate early eight bit microcomputers from the 1970's to the early 90's. In this episode: Atari 8-bit, Spectrum Next, emulating the 8-bits, adventures, Tech zone, interviews and game reviews.
Hall of Light
An update for the Hall of Light web page: No Escape, Park Productions, Eric Park, SideWinder, Nabil Gonem, Ali Baba, Captain Fizz Meets The Blaster-Trons / Mission Icarus, Mr Wobbly Leg Versus The Invaders From Space, Cyberspher, Psycho Santa, X-ploit, The Attack of the Green Smelly Aliens From Planet 27b/6, Alex May, Michael C. Diskett, The Spooky Fellows, The Bosco Brothers, On The Dole Software, Outlands, German Trucking, Wacuś The Detective, Level One, Holodream, Phobia, Lazy Artists, Turrican II: The Final Fight and Conan The Cimmerian.
Jan Beta - C-1311
Jan Beta has made a video about the repair of the world most terrible joystick, the Commodore C-1311.
MorphOS Storage
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: SacrificioPagano_1.20.lha, AmiArcadia_24.59.lha, MESS_0.113.lha, MUIMapparium_0.5.lha, VintageViewer_2.40.lha, VintageSongPlayer_2.10.lha, GG.module_1.3.lha, KwaKwa_1.8.lha, PlayCDDA_1.4.lha,auplayer_3.2.lha,ALAC_0.1.3.lha, Normalize_0.7.7.lha, xlhtml_0.5.lha and cbmconvert_2.1.3.lha.
GadgetUK164 - 1084S-D1
GadgetUK164 made a video about the repair of a 1084S-D1 monitor.

Part 2 of the 1084S-D1 repair.
Multi-EditorROM - CBM/PET
Steve Gray started a new project for the CBM/PET computers. The Multi-EditorROM is a adapter board that allow you to select any one of 16 different 4K Editor ROMs on a Commodore PET/CBM machine. The Editor ROM is responsible for all screen, keyboard, clock and IRQ processing on BASIC4 PET/CBM computers.
Stranded - C64
Lft released a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is an adventure game with graphics and was released at the Gubbdata 2017 meeting in Sweden.
A-EON Amiga X5000
Jeremy Reimer wrote a blog about the Amiga X5000 from A-EON. The Amiga X5000 is powered by a custom PowerPC motherboard with a dual-core Freescale CPU @ 2.5GHz. The system can run AmigaOS, MorphOS or Linux.
Ultimate1541 Sid Remote v1.1
With Ultimate1541 Sid Remote you can send SID music to the Commodore C64 from a PC. The program is developed by L.A.Style and tested by hedning.
Amiga 1012
S Gust designed a new front for the Commodore Amiga A1011 floppy drive. It allows you to mount 2 slim line floppy drives like the NEC FD 3238T or TEAC FD005 inside a A1011 case.

More information about the necessary electronics.
Vault Man 2 - C64
Vault Man 2 is a new game for the Commodore C64 developed by Iceout. In the game you must collect all the gold bars and bring them to the door. The game has 24 levels.
FRGCB (Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog) is a web page that writes about retro games. But the difference is that this blog compares the games between the different computers like the C64, Amiga, MSX, NES, CPC, DOS, etc. The most recent comparisons are: California Games (Epyx/US Gold, 1987) - Part 1 and California Games (Epyx/US Gold, 1987) - Part 2.
SuperCPU - VIC20
Kakemoms is working on a SuperCPU for the Commodore VIC20. The features are: 22MHz, 65C02 core, 1MByte RAM, USB, SD-card and VGA. At the moment the PCB layout is almost finished.
Z64K is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128, Commodore 64, VIC 20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators should run on any platform with an updated Java Runtime environment.
Jan Beta - Retrobright A1200
Jan Beta has made a video about using Retrobright on an Amiga 1200.
The best looking C64 games
On the YouTube channel Old style gaming you can see the best looking games for the Commodore C64. A few examples are: Armalyte, Barbarian, Creatures 2: Torture Trouble, Defender of the Crown, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Flimbo's Quest, I.O., Katakis, Last Ninja 3, Mayhem in Monsterland, Nebulus, Nobby the Aardvark, Rainbow Islands, Summer Games 2, Turrican, Winter Games and X-Out.

The best looking C64 games - part 2.
SD-BOX v1.19
The SD-BOX is a cartridge with an SD card interface for the Commodore C64. The cartridge has many functions for the disk drive and the Datassette. Recent updates: Improvements for the SD2IEC (fast read during disk copy), auto-swap, disk drive, manual and the SID Player.
Icaros Desktop 2.2.1
Paolo Besser released an update for the Icaros Desktop. There are improvements or updates for: FinalWriter, MESA, AROS, ata.device, ATA, Italian catalogs and Wanderer menus.
PGC 2017
The Protovision Game Competition 2017 has started. The goal of the competition is to encourage the development of new C64 games. You can enter your game until the 30th of April 2018 and the theme for this year is sports.
Amiga Future #127
A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released. In this edition: Editorial, News, Spielfeld, Powerglove, Luxor, Amikit X, Hollywood 7, Aminet, OS4 Depot, Slarti, HFinder, Prisma Megamix, PSX Pad Adapter, Mortville Manor, RNOAnim, Trevors Soapbox, Enterprise 128, Virtual disk-drive, Amiga on Youtube, Demoscene, Vintage Computer Federation SE 5.0, Amiga32, Revision 2017 and Jan Zahurancik (AmiKit).
The Retrogaming Times #9
The Retrogaming Times is a retro computer magazine (English language) for all retro computer fans. In this edition: Prepare to Qualify, Events, More C64! - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Retrogaming Feels - P-51 Mustang, Apple II Incider - Cool Things Back In The Day With Apple II, The Controller Chronicles - Microsoft Xbox Control Pad, A Retrogamer Looking At Modern Gaming - Why I Got Nintendo Switch and XBox One S, Blip. - The Digital Game, Weekly Retrogaming Trivia Recap and See You Next Game.
Handy - Amiga
Handy is an Atari Lynx emulator for the Amiga. The changes in this version are: Speed indicator, PUBSCREEN CLI argument/WB tooltype, application.library support (OS4) and miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
Jan Beta - C64 repair
Jan Beta has made a video about the repair of a Commodore C64. The fault of this C64 is a wrong video display and two blinking cursors.
The Guru Meditation - Bill's Amiga live stream
The Guru Meditiation shows us Bill's Commodore Amiga live streaming setup that he uses for his Twitch streams.
Botticelli Bilderdisk #42
Erich released a new Botticelli Bilderdisk for the Commodore C16 and the Plus/4. This double-sided diskette is filled with pictures in the Botticelli format. The Magica viewer is used to display the pictures. The pictures are a mix of handmade and digitized pictures
Amiga exe games
The Company is a group Amiga enthusiast from Poland. They make exe versions of Amiga games. You can download a exe file that contains the game and a preconfigured version of WinUAE. The latest additions are: The Universe Core, TwinWorld: Land of Vision, Lure of the Temptress, Wisielec, Desert Wolf, Za Żelazną Bramą (Behind the Iron Gate) and Lords Of Chaos Blade.